Nomi. 20. Fuck off.

“A lot of deaths feel sad. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s feels like a robbery.”

—   James Poniewozik (x)

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Yo for real, FUCK SCHOOL ! I mean imma still go, imma still go tho.

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White people, please dont think that a nigga will not risk catching a case to knock you the fuck out for saying some reckless shit.

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"I felt too much, and now I don’t feel anything at all."


- Cancerians (zodiacsociety)



bitches cant finish a 6 inch sub but want a 13 inch dick


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This is a summary of college only using two pictures; expensive as hell.

That’s my Sociology “book”. In fact what it is is a piece of paper with codes written on it to allow me to access an electronic version of a book. I was told by my professor that I could not buy any other paperback version, or use another code, so I was left with no option other than buying a piece of paper for over $200. Best part about all this is my professor wrote the books; there’s something hilariously sadistic about that. So I pretty much doled out $200 for a current edition of an online textbook that is no different than an older, paperback edition of the same book for $5; yeah, I checked. My mistake for listening to my professor.

This is why we download. 

Spreading this shit like nutella because goddamn textbooks are so expensive. 

Signal Boast

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cinematic masterpiece

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deleting lame unnecessary comments when you reblog a popular post


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